Techniques for Placing Keywords in Articles

The most commonly searched conversations will improve your website visibility. if not or only focus on one keyword. maybe you won't get anything from the search engine. one of the things you have to do is use keyword phrases in your SEO Article. this is one of the smart choices to be able to understand the contents of your content.

The Technique of Placing Keywords on Articles is very important for search results even if you have learned a lot about search results now keyword phrases are very important for local search. this impact is influenced by the hummingbird algorithm which only focuses on term search results. for example, the easiest, when you try to type the results of a search on Google, there might be an oddity, for example, you are looking for "SEO article writing tips", so the search that appears most is "SEO writer services", "SEO writing methods" and many other terms . this means that Google itself will apply search results based on the answers to what you are looking for. if this is the case, the role of keyword phrases is very important for creating SEO articles.

Sometimes many Google search results are slightly different from what we are looking for, we are not enough to compare the title, permalink and description. as said in a post on how google indexes articles. from there we have seen that only with title, permalink and desription have not been able to get more ratings from search results. which means we have to apply more keyword phrases than the articles we write. this term search will get more attention than we make articles that only focus on one keyword. Here is a good way to apply the right keyword phrases in SEO article writing.

Apply Organic Articles

Focusing only on local search results is the best choice for applying keyword phrases. Organic search results with good and correct languages ​​will often get our articles in search results. in this case you should use several different keyword phrase terms. only with this will our web receive many visits.

Apply Anchor Link

We recommend that if you have a reference article on the same web page always use anchor links with different keyword phrases, for example if you have discussed "SEO optimization tips" eating a good anchor link is "SEO optimization method" is one way to implement keyword phrases in posts. by doing this, each article will have a different keyword. the value of the different anchor links will provide several varied keywords. This is what you must apply to making unique and good keyword phrases.

Always applying an answer

In accordance with the hummingbird algorithm itself, the real thing in the search results has been to provide answers from users. so try to make every article you have to give one right answer to the search results. this will have a positive effect on your content. for example for example we type "software install method" that appears from search results is "easy install software" or "how to install software" still that is the role of keyword phrases / keywords very influential in search results.

Expand Keyword / Keyword Phrases

And in the end if we already understand this, of course, multiply about keyword phrases in our article writing. there is nothing better to make an article we can go to the search page. Keyword phrases are very important for search results. all you have to do and you apply to every article you make. the choice of keyword phrases must refer to the term many people who search the internet. so analyze all the possible keywords that you will aim at before you make an article.

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