5 Tips to Increase Traffic Visit Organic Blog

There are many advantages when many blogs have organic traffic or traffic sourced from search engines, unfortunately increasing high traffic is not easy to need effort and hard work, the capital is we must know things that can increase the traffic so it can be pursued.

Traffic is the most important thing that must be owned by a blog, because traffic is the initial capital for monetization blog pages or sites to be popular even can make money, the more traffic owned by a blog, then the potential of the blog to become famous and make money the better.

The importance of traffic makes bloggers competing trying to get their blogs to get high traffic, unfortunately there are still many bloggers who do not know the trick how to increase traffic to their blog, so even if blogs owned by old and already have the number of articles that quite a lot, not infrequently small trafiknya not worth the number of articles available.

Keep in mind that today there are many ways to bring traffic to blog pages, for those who have large capital of course to bring traffic to his blog page does not seem a difficult case, they can use ads or hire seo services.

As for those of you who happen to be mediocre or less interested to increase traffic by way of paid, of course need to work hard by exploiting certain efforts for the blog has many visitors. For those of you who happen to be confused how to increase your blog traffic, especially traffic oranik sourced from google search engine, then at least you have to know things that can increase your blog traffic, by knowing it then you can make your blog traffic up.

5 Things that can increase your organic blog traffic.

Here I will describe some things that can increase your blog traffic that you can try.

1. Backlink

No doubt the role of backlinks until now quite influential in increasing traffic / visitors to your blog, if your blog page has a backlink that is considered good, then the potential blog will be easier to find in the disbursement results will be better. For those of you who want to increase traffic your blog visitors, then you should at least seek how to build a good backlink.

Remember you should pay attention to its quality compared to its quantity, because google algorithm nowadays pay attention to quality of backlink, the better quality will be better. One of the characteristics of quality backlinks according to google is backlinks with contextual type, meaning backlinks placed in the relevant articles owned by blog pages with a good reputation. To get a backlink of this type of course is not easy, one way you have to provide quality content so that others are willing to meleakan backlinks to your blog article because it deserves to be a reference.

Or you can also work to build your own backlink manually, like cooperation with other bloggers, but still naturalization should take precedence, so as if the backlink is not because you are asking

2. Keyword Articles

The keyword is also no less influential on the amount of traffic, so do not assume trivial keyword role title, if you are able to find keywords for the title of your blog article has a lot of searches but little competitors, it is certain your visitors will continue to increase.

To get a title like that is certainly not an easy thing, at least you have to do keyword research, good keyword research with google keyword planner, keyword research with google trends or other keyword research, the obvious goal is to find keywords with search homes many but little rivals.

For beginner bloggers based on my experience, if you find it hard to get popular keywords, you can use keywords from related serach that often appear on the search results page of Google search engine or keywords obtained from auto suggestioan search engine. These keywords can be your reference to create the title of the article, and its potential is good enough to bring in traffic.

Although it is not necessarily the level of pencriannya many, but the more your blog articles with these keywords, then the traffic will increase. Find titles with little competition, yes at least when checked in google search engine, the disbursement results for the title at least no more than 500,000 search results.

My experience some blogs with such keyword-taking techniques, blogs can bring 1,000 (thousands) of visitors per day in just 2-3 months by continuously publishing articles endlessly 1 to 5 articles per day, without backlinks at all. Please try.

3. Number of words in the article

It can not be denied, that the more number of words in an article, the article will be easier to find in search results, meaning the article will have the opportunity to bring in many visitors. Moreover, coupled with the title of a much sought after article, obviously will be very profitable.

The effect of number of articles on position in the search results has been analyzed by serpIQ that they find articles that hang out in search results on the first page or the top 10 positions, mostly dominated by long articles, articles with 2,000 words or more.

Therefore, to seek traffic to your blog, try every article you make long if you can, but still you have to pay attention to the quality so that information is easily digested by the reader, the longer and better quality will be better in the eyes of search engines.

4. The role of seo friendly template

Seo friendly templates are blog templates in which already included seo elements that will be more easily recognizable and favored search engines.

You do not need to make your own, you can use blog templates that have been made by blogger experience that you can suck and you use for free, or if you want you can also buy a premium version in order to full modified.

Make sure the template structure is good, the template is responsive, mobile friendly and if there are select templates that already support AMP (accelerated mobile page) or templates are very fast when accessed by mobile devices, because the criteria are currently highly favored by search engines, affect your blog articles to be more easily found in search results.

5. Quality of articles

Do not forget to always present a quality article, what is a qualified article, quality articles can be interpreted articles that can make your blog visitors happy to read it so linger in your blog, and they get useful information from every article you publish.

Nowadays google search engine algorithm involves UX factor or user experience factor, it means when user behavior towards your blog is good by google, then your blog will get good reputation in search engine.

To improve the ux factor just try how to get visitors dating from the search engine to stay linger in your blog and they feel comfortable, so maybe you can pay attention to the look of your blog, the speed of loading your blog, internal links are good and relevant, blog navigation which is good, the number of ads installed is not excessive, the content is useful again informative, and avoid things that make the blog visitors disappointed.

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  1. Saran dan informasi yang sangat berguna untuk saya sebagai bloger pemula makasih infonya admin saya mau dong untuk kerja samanya di point yang pertama yaitu Backlink he he he...

    1. sama2 dan boleh juga kita saling backlink hehe

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