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The film begins with scenes located in India. A local scientist, Dr Satnam Tsurutani (Jimi Mistry), find the fact that the core of the Earth's crust due to the effects of temperature increase caused by a large explosion on the surface of the sun (sun flare).

On the basis of that calculation, Dr Adrian Helmsley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a friend of Dr Satnam, make a report to the White House that the apocalypse is coming. Adrian met the president's chief of staff, Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt). Carl originally underestimated the findings of the earth continues to heat up immediately surprised and respond.

The findings are then brought to the meeting of G8 nations in 2010. On that occasion, President of the United States Thomas Wilson (Danny Glover) told world leaders that the earth will be hit by major disasters related to the core of the earth continues to heat up.

Since it began a major plan. All countries agreed to choose China as a place to make some big ark, perhaps similar to the ark of Noah, which will be used when no other major disaster arrived.

In the meantime, told another story about the life of a writer a book called Farewell Atlantis, Curtis Jackson (John Cusack). He came to the house of his ex-wife, Kate Curtis (Amanda Peet), to pick up their children, Noah (Liam James) and Lily (Morgan Lily), camping.

With a limo, they arrive at Yellowstone campsite. However, on arrival there were signs the ban went into Yellowstone Lake. Curtis and his two children desperate break through the ban. There they were surprised that the lake disappeared due to global warming.

When camping, Curtis met Charlie Frost (Woody Harrelson), a radio announcer who looked like a madman. Charlie told that the earth will soon be hit by devastating disasters. Through Charlie Curtis also know that Charlie had a map of the location of the aircraft that could save humanity from disaster.

Curtis was forced to leave early, when his ex-wife requested that the children back soon. Kate's little trauma because she had just experienced an earthquake. After the children returned to her mother's house, Curtis returned to duty led to twins boss, Yuri Karpov (Zlatko Buric).

Aircraft rental

Curtis began to believe Charlie's talk about the Resurrection when he watched the road at the airport divided by the earthquake. Curtis then took the initiative to charter a plane and a pilot to save his family by paying his expensive watch.

From here the tension begins. Doomsday predicted many parties going on, starting from earthquakes everywhere. Curtis was speeding to the house to fetch his wife Kate and their children.

After successfully saving her family plus her boyfriend, Gordon Silberman (Tom McCarthy), Curtis immediately spurred his limo to the airport. Invited audience held their breath to see the luxury cars snaking avoid the collapse of buildings and streets are open for a devastating earthquake.

The group arrived at the airport. But damn, the pilot who hired Curtis died. Finally, Gordon had become a pilot course didapuk impromptu pilots. Race against time, the plane was finally airborne. From inside the plane they saw a tremendous disaster. Everything is destroyed and devastated.

At the White House, Dr. Adrian received the news that increases in the earth's core temperature continues to rise rapidly. This makes Adrian surprised because estimates miss. Doomsday had come early. The government was soon to do a rescue. Darling, President Thomas refused to be evacuated to China. He chose to stay with his people.

Earthquake and tsunami occurred in all parts of the world. Earth suffered total destruction. It is told that the south and north pole has shifted. All mainland shifted a thousand miles from the original location.
In that disaster, few could have survived, including a group of aircraft Air Force One that moved to China, headed "Noah's Ark" was made. It turned out unexpectedly Curtis and his family get to China using Antonov aircraft piloted Shasha, Yuri subordinates, and the Gorgon as a copilot.

Curtis entourage then left by Yuri and the twins because they have a ticket aboard these large. In desperation, the family gets a lift Curtis and a monk who was headed to the giant ship.

Here again the audience is made tense with the ship suddenly the door opened. Gordon also became a victim. But when the vessel door is closed again, a tool drive wheel fell and jammed the door. They are on board panicked because the engine will not start if the door is still open. Yet that moment, a mountain-high tsunami was headed toward the ship.

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