Natural Ways We Cheer.

Have we experienced when heavy rainfall, we forget
bring an umbrella. Then we were drenched berbasah cold. However,
when we prepare a raincoat, just heat and scorching come burn day. Annoyed are you?
Or maybe we never rush against time, but the trip even faltered, as if letting us late. However, when we want to go with a quiet, other motorists honk instead
horn for us to accelerate the pace. Annoyed are you? why circumstances often hostile? They seemed to poke fun, outwit, even laugh out loud. Is this what is called the "to not mujuran"?
Realize it. it is a natural way to entertain us. That's the natural way invites us to smile, to laugh at yourself, and joked in real. Aggravation that emerged from us because they do not try to friends
with the state. We just selfish. We forget that if we desire not yet achieved, it could not hurt us greet
with a smile, though seemed discouraged, never mind.

Do You Know.
In Indonesia, some time ago our government fiercely held family planning program, is not the case in the United Arab Emirates Arab. The country was actually doing the opposite policy, encouraging
residents to marry and have children. It was driven by a academic studies reveal that the growth of population the country in 2020 amounted to only 5%. Not clear how the population of the United Arab Emirates today. However, the study has made the United Arab Emirates government so
huff. Therefore, the President of the United Arab Emirates Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan establish a "foundation of marriage". This foundation is to finance the people of the United Arab Emirates marriage. Until now, the foundation has spent nearly 400 million dollars to the cost of about 44,000 couples marriage.

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