Keep Working

Keep Working.
Do not stop. Not because stopping will inhibit the rate of progress
you. But the real nature teaches that you will not be
can never stop. Although you are silent on it, the earth still invite
you around the sun. Then. move, work, work was.
Work is not just to achieve something. working give
happiness yourself. That is what is expected by the nature of you.
Water that does not move more quickly rot. Keys are never opened
easier fiber. Machines are not switched more easily corroded.
Not only the tooling is used which is stored in a dusty drawer.
Nature has taught this; do not stop working, or you soon
become old and useless

Do You Know '
At the age of 25, he was dismissed from the army, but that he had
humiliation, despair, without hope, without money. at the end all of it, intending to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge. But before that happens intentions, a friend came and persuaded him to cancel the intention. The youth was cancel suicide, and start a new life. In just over a year after the suicide plan. he succeeded back pursue his military career that had been destroyed, and managed to become The youngest general in the French Army. great victory can be achieved just as he led the tired soldiers who hunger (this is the future he said, "the soldier walking on his stomach"). in
Later he conquered all of mainland Europe, he is Napoleon Bonaparte.

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