2 Basic Things You Need to Know in Bloggers

Good morning all the bloggers and hopefully healthy always and keep the spirit of updates :). 
At night I would write an article again ya, well of course we routing updates blog article to increase visitor traffic in Alexa hehe: D. And on this occasion the title of my article is the basic things that should be in the know of the bloggers. So whether it's basic stuff ?. Therefore please read carefully in this article, and I suggest also for novice bloggers to read basic things that should be in the know of the bloggers. Because someday you will be asked to others or your friends about the blog was what? therefore you have to be answered with two basic things about blogs in this article. Well this just two basic things that should be in the know of the bloggers. Have a good read :).

1. Basic Explanation Regarding What is a Blog?
Here I will not give a detailed understanding of what it means to blog, blog sejarh, inventor, and others. I will discuss more in particular in knowing what it is Blog and Blogger. I will give its own opinion on What is RSS ?? Basically a blog is intended as an online diary, but as the time passes, from day to day blog experiencing rapid development. Many people Happy with this activity.
Blogging activity, that sebutanya frequently asked netizens. Blogs are used only as curhatan course, now turned into a lot of functions. What's the difference with the website ?? Simple, Blog is part of the website, while the website is not part of the Blog.
Function blog is now a wide variety, used only as an online diary course, now look, there they give you the latest information updates (NEWS ONLINE), there were made to put his job duties either school or college, and also there which makes for monetization. Yahh right, Monetization. What is that ?? I will explain later .. ☺Creating your own blog is actually very easy, so many free services on the Internet who gave it. Examples are Blogger and Wordpress. Here we will discuss more about Blogger. Ohh yes, from hobby blogging, it can make the writer's fame also Loh . call it Raditya dika . know right ?? .. that's what makes the book-selling title of the Goat. Raditya dika start of a blog. So, on this occasion, I invite you, Come blogging !!! ...
2. Know More on What is a Blog?
Well, I had the promise to discuss in more detail what the blog. Therefore, I will immediately wrote gave it from a trusted source. right when the source is reliable, too bad right .. sure the information is correct. ☺ Immediately, yes, this sense BLOG . This is taken from here http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog
is short for web log is a web application that resembles the shape writings (published as a post) on a public web page. Tulisantulisan This is often loaded in reverse sequence (the latest content first and then followed contents longer), although not necessarily so. Web sites like these can usually be penggunaInternet accessible to all in accordance with the topics and goals of the users blog The.
Media blog was first popularized by Blogger.com, which is owned by PyraLab before PyraLab by the end of 2002 Google.Com ago. Since then, There are many applications that are open source dedicated to the development of the blog author. Blog has a very diverse functions, from a diary, media publications in a political campaign, through media programs and firms. Some blog maintained by a single author, while some other by some authors,. Many weblogs also have the facility of interaction with its visitors, such as using the guest book and comment columns that can allows visitors to leave comments on the contents of the article published, but there is also the opposite or that are non-interactive. These web sites are interconnected thanks to the weblog, or a total of a collection weblog often referred to as the blogosphere. Whenever a collection of wave activity, information and opinions are very large recurring to some very controversial subjects occur in the blogosphere, it is often referred to as blogstorm or blog storm

Community Blogger
is a bond that is formed from [the bloggers] based on similarities specific, such as the area of origin similarity, similarity campus, recreational interests, and so on. The bloggers who are members of these communities are usually frequent blogger conduct activities together such as ground coffee. To be able to join in a community of bloggers, there is usually some kind of requirement or rule must be met in order to enter in the community, for example from the area certain.
The Types of Blogs
Political Blog: On the news, politics, activism, and all the issues based blogs (like campaign).
Personal Blog: Also called an online diary which contains about everyday experiences someone, complaints, poems or poetry, evil ideas, and conversation friends.
Blog topic: Blogs that discuss about anything, and focusing on a particular topic.
Health Blog: More specifics about health. Health blog mostly contains about the patient's complaint, the latest health news, information-ketarangan about health, etc.
Blog literature: Better known as litblog (Literary blog).
Travel blog: Focus on the journey that tells the story discussion captions about traveling / traveling.
Research Blog: The question of academic as the latest research news.
Blog law: The question of law or legal matters; also called blawgs (Blog Laws)
Blog Media: Focusing on the discussion lies or ketidakkonsistensi mass media; usually only for a newspaper or a television network
Blog religion: Discussing about religion
Education Blog: Usually written by students or teachers.
Blog togetherness: the more specific topics written by a certain group.
Blog clue (directory): Contains hundreds of links pages.
Business Blog: Used by employees or entrepreneurs for business promotion activities they are
Blog embodiment: Focus on an object beyond the human; like a dog
Blog bully (spam): Used for business promotion affiliate; also known as splogs (spam blog).

So this article may be useful and accepted the love :)

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